Consignment Services

Consignment Policies and Guidelines


The Village Door is a unique shop staffed by volunteers who are ambassadors of the Cancer Support Center. The Village Door accepts fine furnishings of good quality and in excellent condition. We are dedicated to maintaining this high standard of quality. All proceeds benefit the FREE programs of support, information and encouragement which are offered for people living with cancer by the Cancer Support Center.


Items considered for consignment

To be considered for consignment, items must be able to be priced at a minimum of $50. We cannot consign seasonal items.


Items the Village Door will consider include:
Fine furniture
Silver and fine brass pieces
Quality rugs (must be cleaned)
Lamps with shades
Selected artwork
Estate jewelry
Vintage toys
(Note this list is subject to change based on current needs of the shop.)

Consignor is responsible for moving items into the shop once accepted.


Consignment Appointments

Items are evaluated and accepted on Mondays by appointment between the hours of 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. Appointments can be made by calling the shop at (708) 798-8665. For larger furniture items, we request that photos be sent to the store manager before moving items to the shop.  



To honor our appointment schedule, no more than 10 items can be evaluated per appointment.  Sets of china, dinnerware or glassware may be considered as one item.


Consignment Pricing

The store manager will work with the consignor to determine the pricing of the item. The item will be marked down l5% of the original price after 30 days.  If the item has not sold after 60 days, the consignor will be notified. A decision must be made at that time whether to donate the item to the shop or reclaim it. Reclaimed items must be picked up within l0 days. After l0 days the item will be considered a donation.

The consignor receives 40% of the selling price and the Cancer Support Center receives 60%.

Consignor checks are sent out by the 15th  of the month for any items sold the previous month.